Decided I should write my goals down in an organized fashion, beyond my posts.  I try to divide them up by duration and subject.  Business goals for for my Etsy business, financial goals for my personal finances, family goals for the family, education/career goals for my pursuing nursing, personal goals for me.  Durations include 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. So here they are!  Revised 1st of August, 2013.

One Year:

Business: To sell something on etsy. On average, complete and list 2 quilts per month, plus a couple other random items.  Make up costs of materials with sales.

Financial: Start saving again.  Save $500 for each child’s savings account, $500 for us adults. Get caught up in medical bills, and start paying back my mother-in-law and my parents.

Family: Danno’s headaches under control. Help Sami Rae adjust to preschool and having baby JJ in the house.  JJ will need physicals every 3 months and shots.  Clean house routines established with certain cleaning jobs for Danno.  Saturday night movie night, and all those fun stuffs that families do 🙂

Education/Career: Get a job as a CNA/receptionist at hospital or clinic in town.  Go back to school and finish my prerequisites for LPN program at RVC. (I only have 3-4 more classes to go!). Be accepted into the program.

Personal: Besides the baby quilts, I have two large quilts, one quilt hanging, two afghans, several pot holders/dish cloth combos, miscellaneous yarn and quilt projects, and a counted cross-stitch to complete. My goal is 1 quilt, 1 afghan, and half the miscellaneous projects completed in one year.
Read 3-5 books. Improve my French language skills.  Return to playing some piano. Finish adding genealogy info into ancestry from mom’s info.

Five Years

Business: Maybe combine my business with Danno’s.  Make a 10% profit.  Add more items? Start selling at local events, also.

Financial: Save enough to either move to a different house ($50,000), or keep saving for building own house ($100,000). Save $2,500 for each child, $1,500 for adults. (I’m thinking future college expenses here as in 5 years, Sami Rae will be 8 and JJ will be 5).

Family: Maybe get a dog, if Danno is willing to train him/her. Put Sami Rae in some after school activity (tumbling, piano lessons, soccer, something like that).

Education/Career: Complete the LPN program at RVC, possibly get RN as well.  Look into lactation consultant credentials. New job as LPN/RN at a clinic or hospital.

Personal: Complete 75% to all crafting projects. Continue to read 3-5 books a year.  Continue with French, possibly start learning Spanish.  Learn a new piece of piano music.

Ten Years

Business: Make 20% profit.

Financial: Save at least $100,000 to build a new house.  Save $5,000 for each child, and $3,000 for adults.

Family: Hard to tell at this point.  JJ is not even born yet, and Sami Rae is only 3.  Will get back to you…

Education/Career: Work as an RN at a clinic or hospital, with lactation consultant on the side.

Personal: Bring it down to 2-3 crafts on the side (thinking crochet, quilts, and cross-stitch), a max of 5 projects at one time.  Continue polishing foreign languages. Read 3-5 books a year. Learn one to two new pieces of piano music.

So, those are my goals.  Will try to update them every 3 months or so…

Updates: 1/6/2013


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