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Hockey should support heart health awareness


I love hockey. I’ve turned to hockey as a favorite sport to watch for the past 5 years. Our own local hockey team, the Rockford Icehogs, is awesome to watch.  But being a girl that likes to marry fun with knowledge, I want more.

Don’t get me wrong, the Icehogs have been awesome with their annual teddy bear toss, breast cancer awareness, men’s health awareness, and autism awareness, not to mention a game honor the military.  But there is something lacking….heart health.

Any sports team is at a higher risk of heart attack due to strenuous exercise.  And a large portion of the fans probably have heart disease running in their family.  Heck, with the way this country has been going, with heart disease being the number one killer in both men and women, it is a miracle if you don’t have heart disease in your family tree.

So I propose the Icehogs (and any other sports team out there, for that matter) to kick it up a notch…turn their Red Day Out to a heart health awareness day.  It would totally fit, and open the community to more information to keep them healthy.  Who knows, maybe we can start a country-wide campaign?  Who’s with me?