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French slowing coming back…


I have returned to duolingo for a french refresher.

I took four years of French back in high school, but haven’t touched it since.  And quite honestly, I’m much better at translating French to English than English to French.  I’m terrible at speaking in general, struggling with a speech impediment everyday as is, so forming foreign sounds can be very difficult for me.  But I’m trying my best in hopes of improving my muscle strength in my mouth for more natural speaking in both languages.

I started on duolingo before having JJ, but dropped it after having him, and adjusting to the different routines set now.  Now that things have started to stablized, and Danno has been enjoying his Spanish and German, I find myself going back to the French.

I have found it harder than I remember in high school, but maybe it is because of the different format of teaching.  It seems to be more effective, though.

During my next refresher lessons, though, I’m taking notes to help me remember better 🙂