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Halloween On Ice!


Took the kids to Halloween On Ice tonight.  (Thank you to my brother for the tickets!) We had a blast!

Was surprised that the strobe lights didn’t make me feel sick.  I loved the costumes they wore, not to mention the cool moves and good music.

Sami’s favorite part was when one of the skaters went on a hoop high above the ice doing maneuvers.  She had pink hair 🙂

Now Sami is BEGGING me to start her on ice skate lessons…I think I see some skates from Santa in the future.

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Journal #1: Memories: What I was afraid of as a child


I know…I keep on changing formats.

These are a series from writing prompts from Creative Writing Now.  I’m going to try to write something every week.

As a child, I was afraid of many things.  Bugs.  Heights.  Deep water.  Snakes.  You the picture.

I think the most impressional fear I had, and still do to a lesser value today, is heights.

I remember back when I was about 10 years old, taking a trip with the family down to Arizona and New Mexico to visit relative.  My aunt was in New Mexico; my grandparents were in Arizona.

While there, we went site seeing several times.  One location was the Grand Canyon.  I loved the scenery there.  But I also remember vivid fears of falling down the canyon if I stepped too close to the edge.  There was no railing to keep you behind.

I enjoyed the watch tower.  Picking through the windows, I wasn’t as afraid of the height of it all.  Now peering down the middle of the tower; that was another thing.

I think about half way through the tour, I felt sick, and resigned myself to taking pictures from a distance than get caught up in the moment of such wonderful beauty.

More recently, my husband, daughter and I revisited the Grand Canyon.  My husband, much braver than I, climbed out to ledges and took awe-inspiring shots with his camera.  I was much more cautious with our 2 year old daughter.  We camped for two days, before my husband feel during a seizure episode.  Now I think it is safe to say my fear of heights have been replaced with a fear of losing my husband.  Although the trip ended abruptly, we still have the fondest memories of the place, and awesome pictures, too.  Someday, we will go back there, with our son, too, and then we will see if my fears have indeed be eliminated.