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The Five Years Goals


You can see more at my page titled: The Goals.

Business: Maybe combine my business with Danno’s.  Make a 10% profit.  Add more items? Start selling at local events, also.

Financial: Save enough to either move to a different house ($50,000), or keep saving for building own house ($100,000). Save $2,500 for each child, $1,500 for adults. (I’m thinking future college expenses here as in 5 years, Sami Rae will be 8 and JJ will be 5).

Family: Maybe get a dog, if Danno is willing to train him/her. Put Sami Rae in some after school activity (tumbling, piano lessons, soccer, something like that).

Education/Career: Complete the LPN program at RVC, possibly get RN as well.  Look into lactation consultant credentials. New job as LPN/RN at a clinic or hospital.

Personal: Complete 75% to all crafting projects. Continue to read 3-5 books a year.  Continue with French, possibly start learning Spanish.  Learn a new piece of piano music.


The one year goal.


1 year.  A lifetime of goals.

I’ve been mulling through my life, trying to figure out what my goals are.  I’m due in September, so my first goal is to obtain a new job by the end of this year.  Preferably as a CNA or clinic receptionist.  My next goal is to finish my pre-requisites for the LPN program.  And hopefully be accepted into the program 🙂

Those are obviously my professional goals.  My family goals are to see Dan make some goals for himself, see Sammi Rae improve her speech, and nurture JJ the best we can.  As for the house, I have the ultimate goal to get a cleaning schedule down for all of us that is easily obtainable in a busy household like ours.

With the business: My main goals is to make 4 baby quilts a months.  I may have to cut this back to 2 once I start working and taking classes at the same time, but otherwise, I think I can cut it.  I’d like to see at least one quilt sold on Etsy per month.  Also would like to take more pictures of vintage items we have to sell.

Finance goals would include saving up to 20% of our income, investing in more tools for Dan to work with, and putting money down towards some upgrades around the house.

All that in one year.

Coming up next: Goals for 5, 10, and 20 years.