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Friday’s Weekly Round-up: Sinus Infections, crochet hook roll, and house repairs.


Sorry I’m late.  I missed last week, too, been so busy.

Danno has a sinus infection, so I’ve been watching the kids more now than ever.  Hopefully when his is done with the antibiotics, we can get back on track.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a crochet hook roll to help keep myself organized. I modified this tutorial to make it, and am finishing up the binding now.  It looks so cute; I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’m done.

Finely got a contractor to look at our bathroom; but we are still waiting on the estimate.  Electrical work in the house is almost done; and Danno is looking forward to working on Sami’s closet.

Just took my midterm for Biology over the week.  Hopefully I haven’t done too bad, but I haven’t gotten the scores yet.

Anyways, that is all here.  See you next week!


Friday’s Weekly Round-up: Projects done around house, quilting ideas, and homework.


Another week bites the dust…

Danno finally installed a ceiling fan/light in our bedroom.  We’ve been without a light in our room for around two months.  It feels good, though oddly strange, to have one again.

Danno has also installed new shelving in our back hall/laundry room for additional storage.  We are still organizing it all, but plan on putting a pantry of sorts back there.

I came across some cute little panels when going through my quilting stuffs.  Most of them are no bigger than 5 inches or so.  But I’m going to make blocks with them, or something creative, similar to this quilt.  Only with some other blocks mixed in.  Something cool like that…

I have homework this weekend; nervous system and endocrine system.  Will be focusing on that for a while. So here are some crocheted goodies for biology related goodness.

Have a great week!