Monthly Archives: September 2014

Garage Sale = Small Success!


We had a small garage sale yesterday.  Not much foot traffic, but we still came out with $41 from the sales.  I wanted to do the sale a few weeks ago, but with hubby sick, I had to wait until I had other help lined up for the kiddos.

My next project? Taking photos of the jewelry and arts/crafts to post onto Etsy.  I hope to have those done by the end of next month. Hopefully I can take a few photos and post a some each week.  We’ll see.  Other items leftover from the garage sale will be donated this weekend.


MIL query: SSDI vs. SSI and inheritance.


My mother-in-law stopped in today.  We chatted about the house, because I mentioned how JJ has elevated blood lead levels, and we will be contacting the city about our next step.  She mentioned how Dan’s inheritance, with his brother in charge of it, should go towards house repairs when the time comes.  I think, no matter how the account is set-up, Dan should decide what to do with the money.

That aside, I mentioned all this to Dan.  He disagrees with the account set-up as a whole.  About 10 years ago, he was on SSI, so they set up the accounts this way to protect his check as SSI is needs-based and a lump-sum inheritance could potential drop him from the program.  But things change.  A lot of things.  He got married, had two kids, and is now on SSDI, which is NOT needs-based, therefore an inheritance would have no affect.  What matters is Substantial Earned Income.  So long and Dan does not earn more than $1000 per month, he will stay in the program.  Earned income does not include inheritance.

But how do I go about explaining this to my MIL? Do I go to the SSA office and see if someone could type something up about it? Or do I take my MIL with me?  Or should I drop it all together, with hopes that things will pan out in the end?