Monthly Archives: April 2014

Change in Formats.


In an effort to be more organized on and off line, I’m going to change the format here.  There will no longer be “Friday round-ups.” Starting this coming week will be a different schedule of posts.  Tuesdays will be “Crochet Cravings” where I chat about my current projects, new skills learned, or review a pattern I recent used.  Thursdays will be “Quilting Ponderings” where I talk about all things quilting.  Saturdays are a grab bag (like today), so you never know what you will get there.

In other news, I’ve recently reconnected with an artistic classmate of mine, and we have come to support each other emotionally a lot lately.  It pushes me to keep the house more clean if I never know when she may pop by.  I’ve been keeping up pretty good in the living room and dining room, the nursery and hall.  I’m still playing catch-up with the kitchen and have almost caught up with out bedroom and bathroom.  With any luck, in a week or two, I’ll have this house a well-oiled machine.


Trying to put a little ‘routine’ in my ‘chaotic’ life. The Steps…


I love being random.  Don’t get me wrong, know what comes next is reassuring; but I’ve always enjoyed being different, going against the grain, and enjoy the twists in turns of life.  But it is time to face the facts.  With an Aspie husband and two kids, it is time to add some routine and order in my life.

Step 1: Create a schedule.  Creating a schedule can be difficult, especially when I’ve never paid much attention to how long things take.  This would take at least a week to figure out; timing myself on tasks, finding out what tasks I can get away with during naptime, and such.

Step 2: Implement schedule.  This can be difficult what with appointments and shopping times.  But you’ve got to stick to your guns with this one.  Try to schedule appointments and shopping at the same day of the day.  This may take several weeks to get it into routine.

I’m sure there are more steps to this, but I’m still figuring it all out.  Will keep you posted!