Monthly Archives: March 2014

Friday’s Weekly Round-up: Sinus Infections, crochet hook roll, and house repairs.


Sorry I’m late.  I missed last week, too, been so busy.

Danno has a sinus infection, so I’ve been watching the kids more now than ever.  Hopefully when his is done with the antibiotics, we can get back on track.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a crochet hook roll to help keep myself organized. I modified this tutorial to make it, and am finishing up the binding now.  It looks so cute; I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’m done.

Finely got a contractor to look at our bathroom; but we are still waiting on the estimate.  Electrical work in the house is almost done; and Danno is looking forward to working on Sami’s closet.

Just took my midterm for Biology over the week.  Hopefully I haven’t done too bad, but I haven’t gotten the scores yet.

Anyways, that is all here.  See you next week!


Friday’s Weekly Round-Up: Hydroponics in the Basement


Well, not much to report here this week.  It has just been a mass of appointments and sick household this week.

The biggest thing to note is that Danno has decided to install a DIY hydroponic system in the basement.  Besides the fact that we needed to get our seedlings going before May for our garden outside, he thought that maybe he could supplement our income with the extra produce.  So far the investment has been $400 (about what he earns with odd jobs in two months), with no profit yet, but we will see how it goes (grows?).

I’m still working on crocheting potholders at the moment, but am planning a pattern review to come out here next week.  Also searching for some black fabric to make binding with for some baby quilts to put up in the shop.

Right now we are getting ready to watch Woody Allen’s “Radio Days.”  I might start writing a review for movies, also, but we will see.  Tootles!