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Friday’s Weekly Round-up: Bones and Muscles, New Crochet Stitches, and New Sewing Project.


Welcome to the first weekly installment of “The Weekly Round-up.”  Figure I could post at least once a week with the latest from my classes and crafting.

This week, I finished up the chapters in my Biology class on Bones and Muscles.  Believe me when I say they are more complicated than they seem.  I struggled a little with the muscles…so I found a great resource for studying with online.  On Quizlet, some saint of a person created a folder for Human Biology.  The muscular system study was a godsend.  Thank you, lindameng, whomever you are 🙂
Check out my twitter feed for some links to crocheted biology.
This week I went back to working on my crocheted sampler afghan.  I think I’m on block #10 or so out of 63.  So this week, I learned how to crochet the V-Stitch and Basketweave.  I’m almost done with the Basketweave block, and then I’m going to take another break from that project and go back to the potholders/washcloths.  I think the Basketweave stitch would work out great for washcloths, don’t you??

Back to sewing, I have two quilts completely stitched, but am saving up for the batting.  So I decided that in the meantime, I can cut for a kit my mother gave me years ago for Christmas.  It is by Lazy Girl Designs, but my mother picked out the fabric for it.  She has an awesome eye for color, much like my husband’s photographic eye.  I hope to someday master my sewing skills with my color skills.  Next week I’m going to work on tying and binding some quilts and possibly get back on my counted cross-stitch peacock.

Oh, and another note: I found the most awesome recipe for Chocolate Cherry Muffins.  The only changes I made to the original recipe was substituting in melted butter for room temperature, apple cider vinegar for cherry extract, and 1 can of pitted sweet (black) cherries, drained, for the chopped cherries.  They came out delicious, and one dozen disappear within 24 hours.



Potholder Frenzy


For Christmas, my little sis gave me some cotton yarn.  So I’ve been crocheting potholders like crazy while feeding JJO.  I’ve also been binding a quilt, but I haven’t taken pictures of that 😛

Crochet potholders

From left, two made two years ago, and two made this past week. Four more in progress not shown.

This next week I will be focusing on crocheting random other stuff.  Sami Rae wants me to crochet some hats, so tomorrow I will be going through my “unclaimed” yarn to see if there is any that I can use for that.  I will also be finishing adding borders to my log cabin panel quilt.

Also, I need to decide which dishcloth pattern to use with the potholders.  I just makes sense to me to add matching dishcloths to offer with the potholders.