Monthly Archives: January 2014

French slowing coming back…


I have returned to duolingo for a french refresher.

I took four years of French back in high school, but haven’t touched it since.  And quite honestly, I’m much better at translating French to English than English to French.  I’m terrible at speaking in general, struggling with a speech impediment everyday as is, so forming foreign sounds can be very difficult for me.  But I’m trying my best in hopes of improving my muscle strength in my mouth for more natural speaking in both languages.

I started on duolingo before having JJ, but dropped it after having him, and adjusting to the different routines set now.  Now that things have started to stablized, and Danno has been enjoying his Spanish and German, I find myself going back to the French.

I have found it harder than I remember in high school, but maybe it is because of the different format of teaching.  It seems to be more effective, though.

During my next refresher lessons, though, I’m taking notes to help me remember better 🙂


Some Updates and Stuff


Welcome to 2014, the start of new beginning and finishing up old ones.

Here’s what is new:

Starting classes towards nursing school.  I started my online biology course this week and so far it has been very exciting.  I’ve forgotten how much fun science can be!

DH Danno started a new migraine treatment recently.  Very excited if this works out. Also restarting his freelance biz.  Go Danno!

DD Sami started messing around with a new child-size guitar.  Still debating to start her on dance or music in a couple years.

DS JJO started rolling over and eating rice cereal.

Here’s some projects I’m finishing up:

My Strawberries in a Basket quilt.  Just started working on the binding!  Hope to get it finished by my birthday next month, but who knows.

Log Cabin panel quilt. I started added the borders, but then my needle broke.  Until I install a new one, this, and my other sewing, will have to wait.

Baby quilts.  I’m still trying to get more baby quilts done for the etsy shop.  I have two done, two needing binding, and two needing ties and binding. When I get these done, I will probably go back and take more photos of vintage items from the house, too.

I’ve gone back to crocheting, too.  I have coasters, potholders, washclothes, and one afghan.  Hoping to finish up these projects, too.

So my new year is jammed packed.  How is yours?