Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lifestyle Changes!


Ones that know me know I am all about changes.  I am not afraid of change, and take pride in those that do.  Now it is my turn!

Some may know, or not know if that be the case, that I have hypertension.  What started out as gestational with my daughter has developed to chronic with my son.  What can I say? It runs in the family.  Those that see me would never guess I had hypertension considering my frame.

So, with the new diagnosis, I’m on new medications and working on some lifestyle changes.

First of all, I never claimed to be fit.  I hated gym classes in high school, and it is a miracle that my metabolism was high enough to avoid gaining substantial weight.  This is one of my first lifestyle change I’ve been meaning to take: exercise.  First step I’m doing is 2-3 walks a week.  So far I’ve been holding to this walking the kids before bedtime.  Come the cold months, I’ll be switching over to cardio kickboxing online.  Also going to incorporate in there sometime weight lifting.  By Spring, I hope to repair our bikes and take them out 1-2 times a week, also.  Hoping to be fit enough in the Summer to go camping with 2 kids, hiking and biking, and work at least part time while going back to school for Nursing.  Whew, that takes the breath out of me just thinking about it!

The second game changer will be my diet.  Already I’ve made great strides for better heart health.  I’ve nearly cut out all the salt in my diet other than what recipes call for, and started drinking at least one V8 low sodium to boost my daily vegetable intake.  I’ve been trying out new recipes for a more health conscious me.  Also been buying many more fresh fruits and vegetables for snack time.  It is still tricky at times: I have a serious sweet tooth, and Dan has a slew of allergies to work around, but I’ve been slowly adjusting our diet as we go.  Future goals for this one: obtain a juicer and a dehydrator, and learn to make more healthy and filling snacks.

The last change in my life is to learn to relax more! It has been a stressful couple of months here, and I need to learn to not let it get to me.  Even dear Dan is noticing that I have been jumping as of late.  So I’ve taken to crochet again, for the time being, and hope to add sewing also.  I’ve started to go back to church, and have been reading again at night.  I’d like to add some yoga in my routines 1-2 times a week, and work my way up to every day.  The main thing I need to do is take a deep breath and not let things get under my sick.  Life’s too short to let things keep you down.

And that’s that with my lifestyle changes.  With any luck, my BP will go back down to a normal level without medication someday.  But even meds, these changes will vastly improve my odds of living a fun-filled, fun, long life ahead.